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The 4D World Cup - Germany 2019 .

The standoff between the fastest instinctive archers competing at moving targets.
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Instinctive archery at it’s finest. Competitors can practice their skills at several venues across Europe. Qualifications are held in Cologne/Germany at the largest 4D archery cinema in the world and all year around. Book a qualification at your leisure or take part in a qualification event. More venues will be opening shortly. The finals are held at a public venue in Germany in February 2019.

Get competing – We’ll see you at the finals!

Want to purchase 4D technology and become an official training or qualification venue in your country? Contact us or visit www.bowsim4d.com

Venues .

There are several ways to train for the great event. One way is to visit a venue that offers 4D opportunities. For your convenience we have listed several options from the small business around the corner to official venues. Make your pick and inquire about the location of your choice.

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Casual training venues

Casual training for the big event is available at several locations across Europe. Please note that some of the listed locations for casual training might not offer event standards. We list possible locations to help you find a local training location for the big day.  Please make a detailed inquiry about the offers provided and opening times at all these suggested venues. Prices may vary from location to location.

How to be listed as a casual training venue?

$ 15

Official venues

Click here to explore the official venues where the competition experience can be trained at its best. This is the real deal. While your screen will be smaller than at the qualification events the footage and experience is equal to the one you will experience later.

How to become an official venue?

Qualification events & venues

These venues not only offer you the full competition experience but will also be the venues where to qualify for the grand final. Hang in there. We will release dates and locations soon.

Click here to be notified as soon as locations and qualifications are released.

Tickets sales will only be open for 1 week.


Casual venues


Official venues


Qualification events/venues


Grand Final

A few impressions!

Photo Gallery .

Some pictures of official and casual training venues.

Our Sponsors .

Thanks to our sponsors, it is possible to make the 4D World Cup available to more and more participating athletes and spectators at home. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we look forward to hearing from you. Please ask for our sponsorship documents.

We work in close cooperation with our sponsors and look forward to hearing from you.

Harald Bettin (Sales & Marketing, International)

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